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Leela is a practitioner steeped in deep devotion to multiple lineages, themselves all stand alone
methods of profound healing. Her years spent studying Western Herbalism, Traditional Tibetan
Medicine and Maya Abdominal Massage have produced a throughly knowledgeable Wise
Woman Healer. Her primary devotion and hearts love is working with the rhythms and health
issues for those born with uteruses, or whom identify with the rhythms innate to female
identified bodies. Over the 6 plus years she actively interned with the Nyinda Clinic of Tibetan
Medicine & Holistic Healing, Leela broadened her practical application of Traditional Tibetan
Treatment and the Sowa Birthing Method TM to provide the most excellent care to those she
serves. It is with the upmost confidence I will continue to refer my own patients to work under
her careful hands.
— Nashalla G. Nyinda Menpa TMD, M. Acu, LMT

 I have been blessed with the opportunity to  work with Leela  for the past couple of years.  Leela provides a very safe space in which to receive healing. She is a skilled practitioner of Tibetan massage and Mayan abdominal massage.  She is also a talented herbalist. It is truly a joy getting to experience a combination of all her trades. I've noticed that when I leave her treatments, I am less likely to feel seriously depleted as I have in the past with other practitioners.  She goes deep, so I do have some recovery time, but my energy levels are never diminished which I have not experienced before.  I really appreciate her folk style of Wise Woman herbalism that is interwoven through her practices. I never leave Leela's feeling like I have gotten the same massage. She's always there to meet what I need. She tailors each session  specifically to my body.   If you have the chance on any level to work with Leela, I highly recommend you do so!
-Samantha Caplan, farmher & mama 

I’ve been a client with Leela for 7 years now. Leela is wonderful in so many ways! She is the first massage practitioner I’ve been to who is truly trauma-informed. Her ability to help me move through pain in my body in a trauma-informed way has been one of the most profound experiences for me on my healing journey. Beyond the ability to create emotional safety for body work, Leela is highly skilled in the workings of the body. I have a shoulder injury and have trusted Leela to work with and around the chronic pain that flairs up with it for years. I have been able to trust her in similar ways that I trusted my physical therapist to work with my shoulder when the injury first happened because of the expertise she brings to the table. Finally, Leela’s skills in kunye massage offer a unique experience that keeps me coming back. She has worked with my Tibetan medicine doctor to create an integrative health experience for me and adding kunye massage techniques has fostered significant healing for me. I can’t say enough how amazing she is with body work on both emotional and physical levels! She truly is a gift to the healing arts!
-Chelsea Geier

I have been seeing Leela for several years for a variety of health issues. Although I have seen many different practitioners in various modalities, Leela’s approach is one of the few that consistently helps me heal and feel better. Her expertise in Ku nye massage, as well as her grounded intuition and deep listening, result in diminished pain levels, and increased well being. She is always interested when I describe symptoms, and I feel like I have a real thought partner in addressing health issues, physical, emotional, spiritual. I feel very blessed to have found her!
-Sarah B.

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