Leela Parker

Healthcare for Women and People with Uteruses

My depth of knowledge in Tibetan Medicine, Wise Woman Herbalism, Tibetan Kunye massage, Maya Abdominal Therapies and the Sowa Birthing Method are all aimed at supporting the health of women and people with uteruses. Read more below to find out what the different modalities and therapies can help you with.

Preventative Medicine for Hormones, Digestion and Emotions

Tibetan Medicine, Wise Woman herbalism,  body work and group process

Lotus Flower

Individual Session and Healing Packages


Restore and Support your Digestive, Hormonal and Emotional Health

In individual sessions and healing packages with me, you will learn and be re-affirmed in healing foods, movement, meditation, herbs and tools of deep inner work specifically for you. You will have support every step of the way to incorporate these in

a sustainable way into your life. This is a healing journey of discovering your own optimal

digestive, hormonal and emotional health so you can have a happy belly, a light heart and a good hormonal flow, whatever stage of life you are in.

To learn more contact me to set up a 15-minute discovery call.


Body work

Tibetan Kunye Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage and the Sowa Birthing Method (TM)

Kunye Massage is an oil-based full-body massage aimed at promoting relaxation and total body well being. The technique includes working tight muscles in the back to free the spine, and throughout the body, warming and pressing certain points, massaging the feet and scalp and more. Hot stones and hot oil compresses can be added as needed.

Maya abdominal massage is a technique that applies pressure in the abdomen and around the sacrum and hips to promote health in the internal organs and thus the whole body. Vaginal steaming is often offered beforehand in appropriate cases. 

Who can benefit from these modalities?
-During pregnancy and postpartum time both of these methods are highly recommended and assist in optimal birthing and recovery.
-When wanting to conceive both of these methods are very effective in regulating the full body system to support conception.
-When feeling stress, tension and/or exhaustion from work, relationships, the intensity of the living on the planet at this time, both of these modalities help to release and rejuvenate.
-When experiencing specific muscular discomfort the Kunye massage is very effective to restore comfort.

Often these two modalities are worked into one session.

Sowa Birthing Method (TM) is a method of bodywork based on Tibetan Kunye massage and Chinese Medicine meridians aimed at supporting optimal birthing. You can learn more here.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Group Circle Work

Connection is Medicine

Group Circle Work Offerings Coming Soon!

Gather with other women in support on the path of embracing the journey and whole-being elemental harmony. 



Boulder, CO


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About Myself

My Story

I have always sought to understand deeply;

To understand in my body how to be strong and healthy,

To understand in my heart how to feel free and loving,

And to understand in my mind how best to focus and have a clear honest view of reality.

Born to a young home-birth midwife and organic farming, wood-working father, I have always had a lot of freedom to look deeply to find these ways of being I seek.


First it brought me to love meditation and dance in high school.

Then to follow my yearning for a personal vision quest to India.

Vision found was a deep connection to the Divine and trust in the Universe.


Eventually I was deeply drawn to Wise Woman herbalist and witch Susun Weed. I was yearning to find my internal power and health in my body.

Yearning fulfilled. What had been a couple of chronic health problems resolved and I found a deep, unshakable place of personal power.

I spent three months one summer living at the Wise Woman Center and 3 months the next summer, becoming initiated as a Green Witch.


Still more journeying to find a place that was less of an emotional roller-coaster brought me to Vippassana meditation. After 10 days of sitting silently I found internal peace and calm and deep amazement at the minute moments of living and breathing. I continued this practice for a good year (and still incorporate this technique into my meditation practice to this day). A couple of the chronic health problems returned during this time.


Thich Naht Hanh speaks truest to my heart, bringing tears at everything he has said. I thought to ordain into his sangha.


Then Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche appeared in my life.

The Dzogchen teachings answering everything for which I was searching…to this day.


Through being deeply involved in the teachings and the Community of practitioners of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s sangha I studied and became certified to teach the Vajra Dance, a dance meditation. Through this community, the Dzogchen Community, I learned meditation practices that have been a daily mainstay in my life.  

During my stint as the live-in caretaker of a Dzogchen Community Center, I found my Tibetan Medicine teacher and the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine. I completed a rigorous 4-year training in Tibetan Medicine through this school and now work for the school as a program developer and junior professor.

Through the school I completed a 3-month internship in Tibet and took an exam that awarded me the equivalent knowledge of the Doctor of Tibetan Medicine students there.

I have completed further Tibetan Medicine internship under my teacher, renowned Tibetan Medicine doctor, Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo and under my mentor, TMD Menpa Nashalla Nyinda.


Today I find the Wise Woman Way resonates in the simple aspects of Tibetan Medicine and they come together very well in my healing practice. Both of these systems have been taught to me by powerful woman healers and in both cases through the learning process my personal health has flourished.

I am very well nourished as well by so many important experiences and teachings from Buddhism. I have also continued to honor the cycle of the moon and the cycle of the seasons through pagan ceremony. These come together harmoniously in my spiritual life.

From this place I offer to you what these amazing teachers and practices have helped to awaken in me.


I ask you- are you yearning deeply? What for? This will lead you to the unfolding of your beautiful life. I welcome you to ask for help when you want. It is great to find wise and clear teachers. I can share with you what I know.